Be Prepared

What do you do when you’re gluten-free, are going to a family party, and the family party is catered?  Do you try to figure out what you can eat when you get there, or do you plan ahead?


For my husband and I, we always plan ahead.  I’ve learned over time that it’s extremely hard to find food that I can eat at family functions.  Instead of guessing, asking a thousand questions, and hoping that I don’t get sick, I find it’s easier to bring my own food.

Although a lot of places now offer gluten-free options, I say, no matter the event, if you’re unsure that you can get a gluten-free meal, plan ahead.  Ask the host or hostess what food will be served ahead of time.  From the information you’re given, decide if there is anything you can safely eat, or make the decision that you will bring your own food.

My husband and I have gotten into the habit of bringing our own food.  Today we went to our cousin’s first birthday party.  The event was catered, so I knew ahead of time what my food options were, and because of this we made a plan.  This morning my husband and I went to the grocery store and bought hamburgers, potato chips, and gluten-free cookies.  During lunch, we cooked our own food, and had an excellent, safe meal without fear of getting sick.

“Be Prepared” isn’t just a Boy Scout motto

Living M.U.D. is about making Mindful Unique Decisions.  Being prepared and making a plan is a Mindful Unique Decision.  Never be afraid to show up to events with your own food.  Never be ashamed or upset because you have to be so careful of what you eat.  You are taking care of you.  You are keeping yourself healthy.  And that is the most important thing.

One thing I didn’t plan for… people liking my cookies so much that they ate them all!  Now that is a lesson for next time!

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  1. I’m going vegan and I have come to learn that it is always easiest to definitely go to events with your own food. Much easier than trying to interview everyone and their brother about what the stupid food is made of!


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