Staying Hydrated With Ulla – Part 2

Just about a month ago I decided to make a healthy change and work on staying hydrated.  I bought myself a Ulla and had high hopes that it would finally help me learn to make staying hydrated a habit.  Now that it’s a month later, I thought I would update you on my progress and what I think of Ulla.

Has Ulla Made A Difference?

Most definitely!!!!  I can’t stress enough how much having Ulla has helped me.  I attach it to my water bottles, my cups, whatever I’m drinking out of at the moment.  I am finding myself drinking a lot more during the day.  I am finding myself going through multiple bottles of water each day.  And, when I forget to drink, Ulla gently blinks at me reminding me to take a sip.  I love the gentle blinking action because no matter what I’m doing, it ALWAYS gets my attention and reminds me that 30-40 minutes have gone by and I haven’t drank anything.

What Do I Like Most About Ulla?

I love that no only was it super affordable (only $25), but it uses positive reinforcement to create a healthy habit.  When you take a sip, and put your cup or bottle down, Ulla blinks once to let you know it registered that you drank.  The instruction booklet that came with Ulla said to think of that as Ulla saying, “Good job!” and I love that.  When I take a sip and see Ulla blink at me, I know that I have done something good.  I am keeping myself hydrated.

Does Ulla Actually Help To Keep Me Hydrated?

Yes!!!  Here’s a story for you.  For the past month, I have kept Ulla by my side.  And I’ve been drinking every 30-40 minutes, if not more.  The other day while my husband and I were peach picking, I put my water bottle in my backpack.  We were out in the hot sun, in the middle of an orchard.  Although I did open my backpack every so often to drink some water, I didn’t have Ulla by my side constantly reminding me to drink.  What ended up happening?  I didn’t drink enough while we were outside.  And I got a slight case of heat exhaustion.  I do believe that if I hadn’t put my water bottle in my backpack, I would have been more conscious of keeping myself  hydrated because of Ulla.  Of course, I would have had to drink more because I was out in the sun, but if Ulla started blinking at me I’d have known that I had let way too much time go by without drinking, and I would have known to open my water bottle and start guzzling water.

I think Ulla is great for someone like me who has problems staying hydrated.  I also love that it creates a healthy habit without making it seem like your in competition with yourself.  I love that Ulla doesn’t tell me how much I’m “supposed” to drink, but just reminds me to drink.  It lets me get back to the basics.  No apps.  No fancy mathematical formulas.  Just plain and simple gentle reminders and positive reinforcement.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Ulla.  I can honestly say that Ulla was an excellent investment for me and highly HIGHLY recommend it.  Click on the picture below to get your Ulla today!

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