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Pets can make a huge difference in our lives.  I see it all the time with my two girls.  They are so amazing at reading my moods, knowing how I’m feeling, and how to cheer me up if I’m feeling down.  They make me laugh, they brighten up my day, and they give unconditional love.


Lani, my Australian Labradoodle, loves to give hugs!  She’s been doing this since she was a baby.  She’s almost as tall as me when she stands up, so when she hugs me, she literally wraps her arms around my neck.  Roxie, my English Bulldog, loves to give me kisses and lay on me.  The two of them together shower me with never-ending love.  And I love them unconditionally as well.  I don’t think of them as dogs.  They are my children and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


My mother lives alone and has a cat named Bam-Bam.  She’s had Bam-Bam since she was only a few weeks old.  My mom and Bam-Bam are so connected.  Bam-Bam is crazy about my mother.  She follows her everywhere.  I don’t even think Bammy thinks she’s a cat.  My mom is her mother.  She sleeps with her every night.  If my mom is away, Bammy misses her.  When my mom comes home, Bammy pounces on her and purrs nonstop.  It’s the cutest thing around!  My mom is never alone because she has Bammy.  She showers Bammy with love and Bammy in turn gives her unconditional love.

And that’s what pets do.  They fill our life with love and happiness.  With a pet you are never lonely.  You always have someone to come home to, someone to who will comfort you, or just chill with you.  Someone who will listen to you.  They are literally angels with fur.

My mother-in-law lives alone, and at times she gets really lonely.  I was talking with her the other day and I suggested that maybe she should think about getting a cat.  She absolutely loved the idea!  And right away, I knew who to turn to to find my mother-in-law her new baby.

A kitten rescued by Rebecca

Rebecca is an AMAZING animal rescuer that I met a few years ago.  Bam-Bam was actually rescued by Rebecca.  She is a very loving person who will do anything to save an animal and find them a good, loving home.  She has an amazing ability of placing animals in the right homes too.

When I texted Rebecca to tell her about my mother-in-law, she immediately had a cat in mind that she felt would be a good fit.  Rebecca told me all about Matthew, a two-year old black cat who was saved from a kill shelter.  She told me how Matthew actually reached out to her while she was in the kill shelter, and kept grabbing her hands and placing them on his head so she would pet him.  Rebecca told me how Matthew loves to purr, follow you around the house, and loves to roll over and have his belly scratched.  He sounded like the perfect fit for my mother-in-law, and tomorrow Matthew is coming home!  The name Matthew was his shelter name, but my mother-in-law is keeping that as his name because she found out that Matthew means “Gift From God” and she says it’s a sign.  I am very excited for Matthew and for my mother-in-law and can’t wait till tomorrow!


Rebecca has an amazing loving heart.  Although she does work with rescue groups, a lot of her work is done independently.  She helps out a lot of other rescuers to help animals find good, loving, forever homes.  Rebecca rescues animals big and small from high kill shelters, the streets, and from people who are moving and can’t take their pet with them.  And for each and every animal that comes into her care, she makes it her mission to place them in a loving forever home.

My mom is so grateful to Rebecca for Bam-Bam.  My mom loves Bammy so much, and I see how much joy Bammy brings to her life.  I know Matthew will bring so much joy to my mother-in-law’s life too.  And it makes me happy to see others experiencing just how much joy and love a pet can bring.


If you’re willing to open up your heart and home to a pet that needs a loving, forever home, reach out to Rebecca.  She is a truly amazing person that loves animals deeply.  You can e-mail Rebecca at

A pet can change your life.  There are so many animals out there who need a home.  Consider making a difference not just in their life, but in your life too.

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