Locavore Adventures In The Hudson Valley

Although I was exhausted from last night (which went amazing by the way), that didn’t stop my husband and I from our planned Family Fun Day today.

As you all know, my favorite gluten-free bakery is Mad Batters Pastries.  A few weeks ago I found out that a cafe in Gardiner, New York called Cafe Mio features Mad Batters on their dessert menu.  I don’t get to eat dessert out very often (except for ice cream).  Usually restaurants don’t have many gluten-free dessert choices, so I was very excited to go check out Cafe Mio and have an actual dessert out at a restaurant.

As I started researching Cafe Mio, I got very excited because they specialize in local fare!  My husband and I are all about eating local.

“Located in the heart of Gardiner NY, Cafe Mio specializes in fresh, locally sourced cuisine crafted with love by owner and chef, Michael Bernardo.

Cafe Mio opened in May 2010 and is located inside Gardiner Gables of Gardiner, NY.  Since then, esteemed Chef Michael Bernardo has been serving both quality interpretations of classic dishes and bold new ventures chalked in daily on the specials board.

Cafe Mio’s interior reflects the unique taste of the surrounding area while also paying tribute to Gardiner’s storied past. The warm and comforting backdrop, ornate with the work of local artists, blends into the heart of the bustling open-kitchen eatery.”


Cafe Mio is open Wednesday through Sunday.  I was advised to get there early as they get busy, and boy do they get busy!  We went to Cafe Mio for lunch, and by the time we got there there was already a fifteen minute wait.  It was a beautiful day, so my husband and I didn’t mind waiting outside for our name to be called.


Actually, it was pretty awesome because we got to experience something we had never seen before!  Skydivers!  My husband saw them first and pointed them out to me.  Colorful parachutes with people attached gracefully gliding down from the sky right above Cafe Mio.  It was pretty awesome and a little disconcerting seeing actual people dangling from parachutes, but definitely very fascinating.

After a few minutes our name was called and we headed on in to Cafe Mio.  We had a cute little table by the window.  They actually have an outdoor patio area which I would have loved to sit at, but it was filled, so we ate inside.  Cafe Mio’s menu is wonderful!  And they make it known that their fare is all locally sourced, which I love.


I decided on The Mio Breakfast which was two eggs scrambled with a side of bacon, greens, and roasted potatoes.  I held off on the potatoes because although they were technically gluten-free they were fried in a shared fryer and I didn’t want to take the chance of cross contamination.  I also held off on the toast, although our server let me know that they do offer gluten-free toast.  My husband had the grass-fed burger with cheddar cheese and french fries.  It was pretty cool because they had two options for their burgers: grain-finished or grass-fed.  My husband, of course, opted for grass-fed.

Our food was so delicious!  I asked for my eggs scrambled with cheese and ham and they were so good!  As was the bacon!  My husband loved his burger and he said the fries were very good.  I had him describe them to me since I couldn’t eat them.  We enjoyed our meal so much that we are definitely planning on going back to Cafe Mio.  We think next time we will go during the week.  And next time we are going to try the gluten-free french toast!

And, the highlight of our meal?  Right there on the dessert menu was Mad Batters gluten-free options!  That made me so happy.  And, I was so excited to see their newest offering, Blueberry Lemon Pound Cake which was absolutely AMAZING!  I LOVE anything with lemon in it.  It’s one of my fave flavors (besides chocolate).  Lemon makes me so happy.  I enjoyed the Blueberry Lemon Pound Cake so much I told my husband to forget about a birthday cake for my birthday, I wanted a Blueberry Lemon Pound Cake!

My husband and I had a wonderful meal at Cafe Mio, and people were still arriving by the time we left.  I am so happy that we found an awesome restaurant that serves local fare.

If you’re in the Hudson Valley, NY area and looking for an awesome, locally-sourced place to eat with amazing gluten-free options, I highly recommend Cafe Mio.

After Cafe Mio my husband and I set off on our next adventure, again following Mad Batters Pastries (my husband wanted me to title this blog post “I’m Late… I’m Late… For A Very Important Date” because we were literally following The Mad Batter).  Another place that carries Mad Batters Pastries is a farm called Meadowbrook Farm Market in Wappingers Falls.  From its website it looked like an awesome place, so off we went to Wappingers Falls.

“We have been in business for the last 70 years, and three generations, proudly providing high quality produce to the community.  We look forward to having you stop by.  We grow a large variety of apples and we use our apples to make fresh apple cider, none can compare!  Apple cider donuts are made on the premises every day, in addition to fresh made cookies.

We sell our own farm fresh fruits and vegetables in season as well as locally grown produce.”


Meadowbrook Farm Market is located in a beautiful red barn.  They carry all locally sourced goods including fruits and vegetables that they grow themselves.  They also had an impressive array of locally sourced honey and maple syrup.  And of course, they carry Mad Batters, which is what brought us to Meadowbrook Farm Market in the first place.  Of course, we had to buy some Mad Batters baked goods to eat later on.  My husband bought the Zucchini Chocochip Bar and I bought the Fudge Brownie.

Meadowbrook Farm also has animals!  I was so happy!  We got to visit the chickens, and the bunnies.  There was also a bearded goat, who seemed to like every time I talked to him, a cow, and a very large turkey that I think had it in for my husband and I!  He kept following us around… literally creeping up on us!  It was very funny.  There were also ducks and roosters.  For 25 cents you can get food to feed the animals too.  Inside the market there was also a very cute tabby cat who made a bed in a box.

Meadowbrook Farm Market was definitely a fun place to visit, and we will definitely go back.  I can’t wait to visit the animals again!

The Hudson Valley is known for their farms and local food.  Take a locavore adventure and discover the Hudson Valley for yourself!

Cafe Mio

Mad Batters Pastries

MeadowBrook Farm Market

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