Let’s Go To Fox Island!

Last night was so much fun!  It was Family Fun Night!  After the rainstorms passed, it was a beautiful night, so my husband I decided to go get ice cream at one of our other favorite ice cream parlors, Fox Island Creamery & Cafe located in Hewitt, NJ.


Fox Island is really unique.  They are right on the banks of Greenwood Lake.  You can reach Fox Island by car or boat!  They actually have their own dock and we’ve been there many nights when people pull up in their boat to get ice cream!  Also, Fox Island has a beautiful back deck that you can sit out on.  While you eat your ice cream you get an amazing view of Greenwood Lake.  Last night we were watching someone water ski out on the lake.  Another thing that makes Fox Island unique is they make their own ice cream and therefore have flavors that you can’t find anywhere else!

All of our ice cream is made from scratch on premises!

Starting with a plain 16% butterfat base, we make our ice cream on premises.  We add in either extract or puree as the ice cream is being mixed and then gently fold in our inclusions as we fill up a tub with your favorite flavor. We also have fresh soft serve vanilla and chocolate. Every cup is special!”


For me, because I’m Gluten-Free, I need to be extremely careful of what I eat, so unfortunately I can’t try many of their unique flavors, but my husband can and he describes them to me.  I did once get to try this really awesome flavor, but I haven’t found it since.  It’s called Turkey Talk.  It is chocolate ice cream, banana puree, coconut shavings, nonpareils, and peanut butter sauce.  It was AMAZING and so delicious!  And best of all it was Gluten-Free!


Usually I order chocolate ice cream with hot fudge, peanut butter, and peanuts.  That’s what I had last night and it was so delicious!  My husband tried their Vanilla Crumb Cake flavor and said it was very good.  Check out some of these really cool, unique flavors that Fox Island offers:

You can check out all their flavors by clicking here.

Fox Island isn’t just an ice cream parlor though.  The other side of their shop is a self-serve frozen yogurt cafe called Froyo World.  They have lots of flavors to choose from and tons of toppings.  Besides the frozen yogurt, Fox Island also offers baked goods such as cupcakes and cakes!  They are literally a one-stop shop for all things dessert!

View From The Deck

I love going to Fox Island for the atmosphere.  I absolutely love sitting out on the deck with my husband, eating our ice cream, and watching the sunset over Greenwood Lake.  I love being near the water, watching the boats, watching people water-ski, watching families pull up to Fox Island’s dock to get ice cream.  It is such a unique environment for an ice cream parlor and definitely made for a wonderful Family Fun Night out.

Visit Fox Island Creamery & Cafe:

This is my own personal review and I have not received any compensation for it.  

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