Red Velvet Cake Memories

Red Velvet Cake holds a lot of special memories and meaning for my husband and I.  I don’t remember how it happened exactly, I think we just wanted to be different, but in 2009 when we got married we had decided on Red Velvet Cupcakes for our wedding.


We went from bakery to bakery and tried all different types of Red Velvet Cake, but the best we had found was at Carousel Cakes in Nanuet, NY.  Actually, they are well known for their Red Velvet as it has been featured as one of Oprah’s favorites on her O List!  It truly is an amazing Red Velvet Cake.

The amazing cup cake tier my husband made

At our wedding my husband and I decided that we would do cupcakes.  My husband is very handy, especially with metal-working.  He made us a beautiful custom metal cupcake tier, painted white.  It comes apart for easy storage.  And the cupcakes looked absolutely beautiful on the cupcake tier.


It became a tradition for us to have Carousel’s Red Velvet cake every year for our Anniversary… until 2014 when we finally found out that I have a major problem with gluten.  All of a sudden our whole lifestyle had to change, and we were no longer to have our Red Velvet cake for our Anniversary.

The first year being gluten-free, my husband and I tried to make a flourless Red Velvet cake.  It was a huge disaster and disappointment!  We couldn’t even eat it.  So, for the past few years we haven’t had Red Velvet on our Anniversary.  But, now we can thanks to Mad Batters Pastries!

A few weeks ago Kristin from Mad Batters Pastries (my absolute FAVORITE gluten-free bakery) made me a gluten-free Red Velvet cake (isn’t it beautiful?!?!) and OHMYGOODNESS was it AMAZING!!!!  My husband and I were FLOORED!  Not only was it absolutely beautiful, but it tasted amazing and honestly you would never know it was gluten-free.  Everything about the cake, from the amazing cream cheese frosting to the cake itself was everything a Red Velvet cake should be!  It was incredibly moist.  It tasted exactly like Carousel’s!  My husband and I were so happy to have finally found an AMAZING gluten-free Red Velvet cake.

And, that led us to our new plan.  Now that we know we can have Red Velvet on our Anniversary again, every year we are going to order Mad Batters Pastries’ Red Velvet Cake.  Since we spend our Anniversary every year on vacation, we decided that we are going to get a cooler that is big enough to put our Red Velvet cake in.  Then, that Red Velvet Cake is gonna hit the road with us!  It will be the Traveling Red Velvet Cake (#TheTravelingRedVelvetCake)!  On our Anniversary we will be able to eat Red Velvet wherever we are, whether that’s at the beach or at the top of a mountain!

I love Mad Batters Pastries.  I can’t say enough wonderful things about their baked goods!  Everything tastes so amazing and Kristin is so nice, and an amazing baker.  I highly recommend all her products.

Thank you Kristin for the AMAZING Red Velvet cake.  Our love affair with Red Velvet started at our wedding, and now we can enjoy it again every year on our Anniversary.

2009 – Where it all began

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