The Dog Park Is Not Just For Dogs After All

This past week has been a lot of ups and downs for me emotionally.  Just been having a little bit of a hard time.  But, no matter what is going on or how I am feeling, I know I can always find joy when my husband and I take our girls to the local dog park.

At the dog park the other day

The dog park in town is only a five minute drive from our house, making it super convenient to get to.  It opened a few years back, but we never really took our girls there.  The first few times we had taken Roxie and Lani to the park, even though there weren’t other dogs around, they were a little unsure and didn’t want to leave my husband’s or my side, which is so unlike them.  When we took the girls to the dog park on July 4th for the first time in quite a few years, they actually had a ball!  They were more certain of their surroundings, and were running and playing and having the best time.  It filled me with so much joy and we decided to start trying to take the girls weekly to the dog park.

Pure joy!  Lani having fun at the dog park.

The other day when we took our girls to the dog park, someone had left behind a frisbee.  You should have seen Roxie’s eyes light up when she saw that frisbee!  She grabbed it and refused to let it go.  When my husband threw the frisbee, both of my girls went crazy running after it at top speed.  When our girls got tired, and we left the park for the day, my husband and I decided that we should get our girls their own frisbee since they had so much fun with the one that was left behind.

Roxie and the ChuckIt! Paraflight Max Glow

We went to our local PetSmart and bought the ChuckIt! Paraflight Max Glow frisbee.  What my husband and I liked about the ChuckIt! Paraflight frisbee was it is soft.  Roxie (who is an English Bulldog) LOVES to grab onto toys  and not let go.  The frisbee she had found at the dog park was hard plastic and actually because she was biting it so hard, she made her gums bleed.  With a soft fabric frisbee, she would not have this problem.  Also, the other thing we liked about it was although it is made of a soft fabric, it is sturdy with a rubber ring surrounding the outside so it keeps it’s frisbee shape.  We have also bought ChuckIt! brand items before and know they hold up very well with our two girls.

And today when we brought our girls to the park, my husband and I knew for certain that we had definitely gotten our girls the perfect frisbee.  No matter how many times it was thrown, brought back to us, or tugged on, the ChuckIt! Paraflight Max Glow frisbee still looks as good as new.  Not many toys can say that after being played with by our girls!

The other day at the dog park we also realized that we need to start bringing water with us.  There is a water pump, but for some reason the water is turned off.  We remembered that last summer we bought the H2O4K9 25oz Dog Water Bottle, and it is so perfect to bring to the park!  A sturdy, stainless steel bottle that is easy to clean with a top that turns into a water dish!  It is the perfect solution!

“H2O4K9 stainless steel water bottles were specifically designed for dogs to drink naturally.
Perfect for the park, walks, hikes, bike rides, search & rescue, camping, vacations, beach, dog shows, and use in your car.

Our standard 25oz. bottle fits cup holders, bike cages, backpacks etc.

The high quality materials used in H2O4K9 bottles are the same as the best selling stainless steel bottle brands made for humans: 18/8 food-grade stainless steel bottles, toxin-free polypropylene (pp#5) lids, and an environmentally friendly paint finish.

The entire product is 100% recyclable and sustainable.”

With the ChuckIt! Paraflight and the H2O4K9 Water Bottle, my girls are ready for a fun day at the park.  Not only does being at the dog park make my girls so happy, but in return it makes me feel so happy.  It makes me forget about everything going on and any worries that I have.  At the park, watching my girls running around, having fun, playing together, doing silly things to make me laugh helps to keep me in the moment.  From the time my husband and I get to the park to the time we leave, I literally don’t stop laughing.  Watching Rox run after the frisbee while Lani chases her, watching Lani charge full speed across the field and then crashing into me; there’s so much joy in watching my girls!  And, I love seeing them happy and smiling.

Deciding to bring our girls to the dog park again was definitely a Mindful Unique Decision.  It is one that has brought my husband, me, and our girls both benefits big and small.  My girls get to run around in a safe environment, outside, playing together and exploring, while my husband and I get the benefits of connecting with our girls, making memories, and being filled with joy and laughter.  Who knew?  It turns out the dog park is not just for dogs after all!

Wild and Free!  Having fun with my girls!

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