#WearYourTravels Part 2

Memories are powerful.  They can instantly transport you back to a certain place or time.  Happy memories, especially can fill you with such joy.  I was flooded with memories this afternoon when a package was delivered to my house.

I always look forward to going on vacations with my husband.  Every year in May we go away for our Anniversary.  Our top favorite place to go is Maine, but another place that we absolutely love is Vermont, especially Shelburne Farms located in Shelburne, VT on the shores of Lake Champlain.  Our vacations are always filled with lots of fun, laughs, and tons of adventures.  Thinking of these special vacations fill me with such joy.

Today in the mail I got a beautiful Wave Bypass Sterling Silver Ring by Dune Jewelry.  I spoke about my love for Dune Jewelry in my previous post #WearYourTravels.  Their jewelry is one-of-a-kind and includes sand, shells, and other elements from all over the world.  You can even have a special piece made with your own elements that you can send in.  This is truly an amazing company that helps you to #WearYourTravels.

I only wear jewelry that means something to me, that has powerful memories or important meaning behind it.  My new Wave Bypass Sterling Silver Ring, which holds elements from two separate locations, is definitely filled with tons of memories!  Just looking at it instantly transports me to two of my favorite vacation spots.

The smaller wave of the ring contains stand from Mt. Desert Island in Maine.  If you have never been to Mt. Desert Island I highly recommend it.  It’s absolutely beautiful there.  Mt. Desert Island is home to many beautiful towns as well as Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park.  The first time my husband and I went to Mt. Desert Island was in May 2011.  We have been there many times since.

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Our first trip there was so much fun!  It was very overcast (not that that stops either my husband or I).  In Bar Harbor we decided to go out on the LuLu Lobster and Seal Watching Boat.  It was so cold and after we bought our tickets, we had some time to walk around before our boat left.  My husband and I immediately hightailed it to a nearby store and bought a sweatshirt and a windbreaker so we would be warm on the boat.  Once on the boat, we learned all about lobstering and saw how fishermen catch lobsters.  We also saw seals way out in the distance.  We had such a great time!

During that trip also we went to Acadia National Park for the first time.  I will never forget it.  Even though it was overcast the park was absolutely beautiful and magical.  My husband and I got such amazing photographs.

Thinking about my various times on Mt. Desert Island in Maine fills me with such happiness.  I think about all the trips we have taken there, about our crazy adventures, getting lost in the car, discovering awesome spots to take photographs.  I think about all the amazing happy times we have spent there, and now I get to always carry with me a small part of Mt. Desert Island, Maine.  I know if I’m feeling down, I just need to look at the smaller wave of my ring and these amazing memories will wash over me!

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The larger wave of my new ring contains sand from Lake Champlain, Vermont.  The first time we went to Lake Champlain was in May 2014.  On that trip we discovered Shelburne Farms, and have been there many times since, even once on a crazy day trip (left our house in Orange County, NY early in the morning, drove straight to Vermont taking the ferry over Lake Champlain, going to Shelburne Farms, spending the day there, and then driving back home).

Shelburne Farms is a beautiful sustainable farm that you can tour, either on your own or with a tour guide.  There are walking paths, animals, forest, and nature all around you.  You can learn about the art of cheese-making, you can learn about the history of Shelburne, you can milk a cow, or if you choose you can just get lost on the property.  My husband and I love doing that.  There is one path that you can take that will lead you to a steep wooden staircase that will lead you down to the shores of Lake Champlain.  You can spend hours at Shelburne Farms, just feeling at peace and one with nature.  It’s quiet.  It’s calming.  And my husband and I have spent wonderful hours there.  It is truly a place brimming with adventure!  I can’t wait to go there again.


Mount Desert Island in Maine and Shelburne Farms, on the shores of Lake Champlain in Vermont fill me with so many amazing memories!  I love that I can now wear a piece of one-of-a-kind jewelry made just for me containing sand and elements from two of my absolute favorite locations to visit.

I might physically be at home, but gazing at my ring, I will instantly be reminded of the many happy hours my husband and I have spent together exploring Mt. Desert Island and Lake Champlain.  And in that way, I will always be on vacation at two of our favorite locations.

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A special thanks to Dune Jewelry for my amazing one-of-a-kind ring.

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