The Qalo Ring Can Hold Up To Anything

Do you have a husband (or wife) who is constantly on the go, gets dirty, has a job that requires physical labor, welds, builds things, hunts, hikes, works on cars, goes to the gym, etc…?  Then you really should try a Qalo ring.  No joke, they can hold up to anything!  Whatever you can dish out, the Qalo ring can survive!

Getting ready to weld

When my husband and I got married eight years ago we spent a long time trying to figure out what type of ring to get him.  Originally, we settled on a tungsten ring.  Tungsten is the strongest metal a ring can be made from.  It’s so strong in fact that few hospitals actually have the equipment to cut off the ring if it’s needed.  Also, if you get the tungsten ring stuck on a piece of equipment, it could literally injure your finger because it doesn’t break or give in any way.  But, at the time it was the best that we could find.  My husband’s job requires physical labor.  Not only that, but he welds, and builds, and hunts, and hikes.  For the longest time, despite the risks, the tungsten wedding ring was a good option.

But, as our lifestyle got healthier, and my husband lost weight, his tungsten ring got too big, and you can’t resize a tungsten ring.  At first we thought that it wouldn’t be a problem because his ring came with a lifetime replacement guarantee if you ever needed a smaller or bigger size.  What we didn’t bet on was that the company would go out of business!  So, we were trying to figure out what ring to get him next.  And, while researching online I came across Qalo.

My husband wears his Qalo ring while working in the garage.

Qalo rings are meant for physical people.  Athletes wear them.  Welders wear them, as do firefighters, paramedics, etc.  If you live a physical, active life, the Qalo ring is definitely for you.  Qalo describes itself as “The functional wedding ring for an active lifestyle.”  They even offer first responder and military discounts!

About Qalo (pronounced Kay-Low)

“Our Story: After getting married, we realized what a nuisance wearing our traditional wedding band was. While we love our wives, and love being married, the reality was that our ring was getting in the way (literally) of our active lifestyle. The married men we talked with shared the same frustrations. Every time we hit the gym, worked on the car, surfed, rock-climbed, you name it… our wedding band got in the way. These are the stories we heard over and over: “I lost my ring,” “I put it in my locker and it was stolen,” “I dove in, and didn’t even realize it was gone,” “I gashed it on a rock, and the rock won,” “Man, I don’t even play ball with my ring on,” and more. After all of these stories, we searched for a solution that would allow us to show our commitment, and wear a comfortable wedding band that could withstand our active lifestyle. Thus… QALO was born. Soon after, the ladies let us know that they too felt the same way we did, and the two halves became whole.

Our rings are made of a medical-grade silicone and come in a variety of styles and colors.”

These are beautiful, high-quality silicone rings that comes in many different styles, colors, and collections.  You can even customize your ring!  My husband and I found Qalo three years ago and within those three years they have definitely expanded their product line, are always coming out with new items, and developing new, stronger rings for people who weld and work on cars.

Are All QALO Rings Resistant To Oil, Gasoline, And Household Chemicals?

-Our Classic and Perforated QALO’s won’t stand up to oils, gasoline, and chemicals very well, which is why we created the Q2X material!

-Compared to our Classic collections, Q2X is 10X more resistant to gasoline, oil, and solvents. It’s also resistant to other harsh automotive and household chemicals and liquids like brake fluid, hydrochloric acid, ethoxyethanol, and vegetable oil. The Q2X rings are also heat resistant up to 575 degrees, and are a tad less rigid than our Classic rings.”

I have yet to buy my husband a Q2X as his Classic Qalo ring has held up wonderfully.  The Q2X were released after my husband first bought his Qalo ring, but I really should get him one as he is always working on cars and with machinery at work.

We have found, at least where my husband is concerned, that Qalo rings run smaller than normal rings.  Qalo’s customer service was AMAZING with helping us find the perfect size ring for my husband.  The first time I ordered, the ring was too small.  I contacted Qalo, and they helped me exchange it for a bigger size.  The second time it was still too small, and again I contacted Qalo to exchange it for a bigger size.  They were amazing, and patient and really cared about helping to find my husband the right size ring.  And once we found the size that fit him perfectly, we were set.


My husband has two Qalo rings that he switches off between: a Camo Classic Ring and a Black Classic Ring.  He wears the Camo during hunting season and the Black during the rest of the year.  One day, after not having his Camo ring for very long, it got a gash in it.  I contacted customer service, sent them a picture, and they sent him a new one right away with no problems.  I have to say, Qalo’s customer service is outstanding!  Besides offering high quality products, Qalo’s customer service, which goes above and beyond every time, keeps us loyal customers.

My husband absolutely loves his Qalo rings and they seriously hold up to anything!  He loves how comfortable they are to wear and that he literally doesn’t have to worry about wearing it while he’s going about his everyday life.  I have yet to get one myself, but I absolutely love their women’s line.

Getting ready to weld – Qalo in action!

And you know what else is so great about Qalo?  They are SUPER AFFORDABLE!  With my husband’s original ring we spent a little over $100.  Qalo rings?  They range in price from $19.99 – $24.95!!!  Also, they are meant to give!  No more worries about my husband injuring himself while he wears his wedding band.  All the worries that we had with the tungsten ring are now gone.

From the gym to the garage, from the forest to the office, the Qalo ring can seriously survive ANYTHING, and will keep you stylish, proudly showing your commitment to your loved one wherever and whatever you are doing!

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