Gym, Market, Alpacas, and Family Fun, Oh My!

It’s Family Fun Day!!!  The day I have been waiting for all week.  I’m still not feeling 100%, but spending time with my husband, a whole day to do whatever we want, definitely perks me up!  And boy did we have fun today!

This morning we woke up super early and went to the gym.  We got a good one hour workout in.  Usually we only do a half hour, but my husband was working mornings this week and we never got to go to the gym, which definitely contributes to my depressed mood.  Working out helps keep me balanced and happy.  So, I was so happy we got to the gym this morning.  I definitely needed that!


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Then we came home, had breakfast and met up with mother-in-law and headed to the Warwick Valley Farmers’ Market.  We were on a mission today.  Our mission?  To do our entire week’s food shopping at the Farmers’ Market.  And we did it!  We decided that this week for dinner we will have Farmers’ Market Stew, which I will be posting the recipe for soon.  Farmers’ Market Stew is something my husband and I invented a few years ago.  It consists of only farm-fresh, local items bought at the Farmers’ Market: potatoes, onions, corn, and uncured nitrate/nitrite-free bacon.  I can’t wait to share the recipe with you.  We also bought farm-fresh cucumbers and dill to make lacto-fermented pickles.  And, since I haven’t yet gone blueberry picking this year, I bought some farm-fresh blueberries!  Yum!


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After the Farmers’ Market it was off to Rock Ridge Alpaca Farm in Chester, NY.  I happened to see an ad yesterday in our local paper saying that you could stop by Rock Ridge Alpaca Farm on Saturdays and Sundays and take a farm tour.  So, what’s exactly what we did!  I LOVE alpacas.  They are so cute!  The tour was lots of fun.  We got to feed the alpacas and learned all about them.  We even got to meet two adorable babies which we learned are called cria.

After our Alpaca excursion, it was time to head home.  We put away all our goodies and have lots planned for tonight: making butter, making yogurt, and making Farmers’ Market Stew.  Maybe, if we have time, even starting the lacto-fermentation of the cucumbers.  Yep, it’s going to be a busy night.

I was so excited when I got home because I couldn’t wait to try my new Chef’n Bramble Berry Basket.  Chef’n was so kind to send this item to me, and I was so excited to try it out for the first time.  My husband and I eat a lot of berries when they are in season.  We either pick them ourselves or buy them at the Farmers’ Market, and I knew Chef’n’s Bramble Berry Basket would make washing and storing our berries so much easier!


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Chef’n’s Bramble Berry Basket consists of three pieces which stack together.  There’s a clear plastic base which a red, silicone berry basket snaps into.  And then there’s a cover which snaps on top.  First, you put the berries in the silicone berry basket which doubles as a colander and unsnap it from its clear plastic base.  Then, all you need to do is rinse your berries, right in the berry basket!  No extra colander needed!  Once you are done rinsing, just snap the silicone berry basket right into the plastic base, put the top on and pop it in the fridge!  It’s soooo easy and makes washing and storing fresh berries so much easier!  I know this is going to be one of my new favorite additions to our kitchen, especially in the summer when we always have berries in the house!  Thank you again to Chef’n for this AMAZING product!  I LOVE it!!!

Well, I better get back to cleaning so we can do everything we have planned tonight.  Like I said it’s a busy day, but you know what?  It’s a busy day filled with FUN and adventure!


P.S. Yes!  I was totally rocking My M.U.D. Life t-shirt today!  Living the M.U.D. Life and proudly displaying it to the world.  T-shirts and other fun goodies are available in the M.U.D. Store.  10% of profits go to benefit Beyond Celiac.

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