Finding The Joy In Everyday

Not everyday can be filled with epic adventures.  Some days you just struggle to get through.  And some days are just filled with routine.  But in every day you can find joy.  I honestly believe that.  I believe living life with a sense of adventure keeps life interesting and fun.

I’ve realized, the more I’ve thought about it, how many things I find joyful during my everyday life.  Things that make me happy that seem completely normal, but fulfill a need within me.  Find the joy in everyday and life will never be boring.

Getting The Mail


Seems kind of silly that this one of my everyday joys, but it’s true.  I LOVE when the mail gets delivered.  As soon as I hear the mailman arrive, I race downstairs.  To me getting mail is like an unexpected present/surprise everyday.  Unless you’re waiting for something (which is even more exciting), you never know what will be in your mailbox.  Even junk mail can be fun.  You never know what might catch your eye on a flyer.  I hate the days though when there is no mail.  No junk mail.  No nothing.  But still, it’s part of the surprise.  You just never know.

Helping Others

One of my most favorite things is helping others.  I love feeling helpful and like I am making a difference in someone’s life, even if it’s just in a small way.  It’s one of my favorite things about working at the library.  On any given day I can help someone find a book, or help answer a computer question, or basically anything!  Everyday at the library is different and that’s what keeps it fun.

I will tell you a quick story.  A few weeks ago a man walked into the library where I work.  He needed help filling out for unemployment online.  My husband is a manager at a hotel and no joke, just the day before he told me how they had an opening for a position.  So, as I talked to this man and helped him fill out unemployment online, I realized that his skills were a perfect fit for the position my husband had available.  I asked the man if he was currently looking for work and he said yes.  I told him about the position my husband had open and the man was so excited about the possibility.  So, I stepped away to call my husband and he told me to have the man stop by.  I went back to the man and told him about my conversation with my husband.  I gave him directions and he was so excited and grateful he said he would head right over.  And you know what?  He got the job!  When I heard this, and when the man came in to tell me, I felt so extremely happy!  In just one small way, by talking to someone, I was able to help make a difference.  And it’s things like this that fill me with so much joy!


And the things that I help people with at the library don’t even have to be so life changing.  If I can show someone how to do something on a computer program that they did not know, than that’s awesome!  If I can show someone how to use the computer, or answer a tech question, or locate a book or movie they were looking for, then in some small way in that person’s life I am making a difference.  And it’s these little everyday unknowns that fill me with excitement.  How can I help someone?

Creative Outlets

One thing I’ve learned about myself is if I’m not being creative in someway every day I am not happy.  I don’t feel fulfilled.  This blog helps me to fill a creative outlet through writing and sharing my thoughts.  But, I do express myself creatively in many different ways.

Recently, I got back into collaging.  I was having fun taking various images and piecing them together to make something new, something inspiring to me.  I’ve since stopped for a while because I was wrecking my house.  I had magazines EVERYWHERE and cut up clippings all over the living room.  I need a dedicated art space, and that’s something that my husband and I are working on.  If I have a dedicated art space I can mess it up however I want and be ok with it, but messing up my living room was only making me anxious.  Collaging, though was making me happy and I do plan on going back to it.  Above are some of my most recent works.  If you’d like to check out some of my other work you can view it by clicking here.


Photography is another huge outlet for me.  That is one of my photographs above.  I LOVE photography.  I always have.  I have this deep urge to explore and photograph life how I see it, and capture split second moments that will never happen again.  It’s such a deep part of who I am, and I think it’s inherited.  On both sides of my family there were photographers.  On my mom’s side, my great-grandmother’s brothers owned a photography studio.  My mom’s father, my grandfather, was also huge into photography and had a darkroom setup in his house when my mom was a kid.  And my father was huge into photography as well.  As far back as I can remember I was taking photographs.  I take my photographs for myself.  For my enjoyment.  I love pure, unretouched photography.  I rather spend an hour trying to capture something exactly as I see it, then to take an ok picture and put it into some computer program and manipulate it.  That’s just not me.  Pure and natural is what I prefer.

It’s kind of funny because when it comes to my photography, or really my art in general, I’m surprised that anyone likes what I do.  I am so hard on myself and no matter what I do it’s never good enough, and I know a lot of artists struggle with this.  We are our own worst critics.  A few years ago, my boss had seen some of my photography and she encouraged me to sell it at the local Farmers’ Market.  I kind of laughed and basically thought to myself, “Well, what do I have to lose?  But no one is going to want any of this stuff.”  And would you believe I sold my first few pieces that day?  So many people found joy in my work and that filled me with happiness!

This past winter I did some holiday family photo-shoots for people.  And next month I have my first wedding gig (which I’m super nervous about).  But, it makes me happy that something I do, that comes naturally to me, brings joy to others.  I am HUGE into black and white photography.  I really feel with black and white you capture the essence of the person or object.  There is so much more dimension and feeling that comes across.  I love the quote below.  It really speaks to me.  If you want to check out my photography click here.



Music is another thing that speaks deeply to my soul and brings me joy.  When you can hear beyond the music and listen to the actual lyrics, and understand what the singer is conveying it’s amazing!  I have been known to listen to full CDs with the lyrics spread out in front of me so I can read them as I listen.  I love fully capturing and understanding a song.  There are songs that can make me cry.  There are songs that can make me smile and laugh.  There are songs that bring up memories.  Music is so powerful!  I love singing.  Music is pure joy, raw emotion, a way of connecting.  It speaks to me.  When I was a kid, before the internet was commonplace, I would sit down with a CD and play songs on repeat, writing down lyrics.  Now it’s so much easier and you can Google anything.  But, just truly understanding a song is powerful and music can completely turn my day around.

My Family


My husband and my girls are my happiness.  We can just be chilling on the couch watching tv, and I’m happy and content.  I could be having an off day and my husband and my girls will do something silly to change my mood around.  They are my everything.  Their love means so much to me.  Just spending time with my loved ones brings me so much joy.  Life is short.  Embrace those you love and keep them close.  Life is a blessing!  Everyday I feel so incredibly blessed to be living the life that I am with those that love and accept me and fill my life with such joy.

The thing is, you don’t need to have adventures everyday for life to be adventurous.  There’s joy all around us if we only look.  The least little thing can make you smile and appreciate life.  Being outside in the sun, taking a walk, reading, running through the rain.  Basically anything can make your day epic if you live your life with adventure and are willing to embrace all that comes your way.  Live your life with arms wide open.  Live M.U.D.  Adventure and joy are everywhere!


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