Adventure Is Calling And I Must Go

Family Fun Days are a big part of the M.U.D. Lifestyle.  It’s making the Mindful Unique Decision to give yourself one day a week with no worries.  It’s a day full of adventure, where you just get up and see what happens.  It’s a day where you truly embrace life.  The sole purpose of Family Fun Day is just to have fun!

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My husband and I try to have at least one Family Fun Day a week.  My husband works in hospitality.  He’s always on the go and during busy weeks he can work upwards of 50+ hours!  I work part-time, but I balance more than just one job.  My main job is at the library, but I also do a home assembly job, and during the fall and winter I work per-diem as a coat check girl at a hotel.  My weeks can get busy.  Which is why it’s so important to make sure we do Family Fun Days.

I don’t function well with the go-go-go lifestyle.  I need breaks.  I need to feel like I have time to breathe, to just chill, enjoy a good book, hang with my babies.  I need time to express myself creatively.  I need time to just enjoy life.  And that’s what Family Fun Days are all about, enjoying life to the fullest!

Since my husband and I don’t work 9-5 jobs, our Family Fun Days can fall anytime during the week.  There’s usually at least one day a week where we both have the same day off, and when that happens we make sure to set that day aside as Family Fun Day.

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Family Fun Days can be anything, but there is one thing they are not.  They are not overly planned.  We might have an idea of something we want to do, but we don’t plan out an entire day and what is going to happen every single moment.  We just see how the day unfolds.  Some Family Fun Days have involved going hiking, taking photographs (we are both photographers), chilling with the babies, going on car rides to literally nowhere with the sole intent and purpose being to get lost, going on a day-trip somewhere, going to Farmers’ Markets, discovering new ice cream places, going to farms.  The list goes on and on.  It’s just a day to have fun and enjoy each other’s company.  It’s a day to laugh and make memories.

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My husband and I don’t live to work.  We work to live.  Life is meant to be experienced and enjoyed fully.  We save money to do fun things, to go fun places.  I love the quote, “Collect moments not things.”  We truly live by that quote.  We are constantly collecting moments; memories that we look back on that make us smile and laugh and say, “That was crazy!”

But, what happens during a week where my husband’s schedule is crazy and my schedule is crazy and we can’t do a full Family Fun Day?  In that case, we make sure to have one day where we do a Partial Family Fun Day.  We look for a day during the week where we both work in the late afternoon, or one of us has off.  Then, we take the whole morning or afternoon (depending if one of us is working) to do whatever we want.  A good example of this is tomorrow.

This week my husband is very busy at work.  We can’t have a full Family Fun Day until Sunday.  Tomorrow my husband has off, but I work in the late afternoon.  So, we are setting aside the entire morning as a Partial Family Fun Day.  The general idea is we will wake up and go to the gym and then to our local farms to pick up our milk and eggs.  And whatever adventures we encounter throughout the morning we will embrace with open arms.  We might get lost on country back roads.  We might stop somewhere that looks cool.  Who knows!  Anything can happen and I’m looking forward to it!


As someone who battles with anxiety, it must seem weird for me to say “Have no plan.  See what happens.”  But, that’s the thing.  I have lived so many years locked in my head, literally stuck that I don’t want to live that way.  I have missed out on so many things in life.  And now that my anxiety is a million times better because of my lifestyle changes, I am happy to feel free; to not feel like a prisoner to my mind.  Trust me, it’s taken me many years to get to this point, but I LOVE living with a sense of adventure.  It’s when I feel most fully alive.

And that’s M.U.D.  Feeling fully alive.  Loving life.  Living life as one grand adventure.  Life is short.  Don’t live everyday planned.  You need to have fun.  Make time for at least one day a week where you are just living in the moment.  Even if it seems scary, do it!  Life is meant to be lived.  Life is meant to be experienced!


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