Honest Kitchen Bone Broth and Berry Pup Pops Dog Treat Recipe


My girls LOVE fresh fruits and veggies.  They love the summertime when berries are in season.  And my girls also LOVE The Honest Kitchen.  The other day The Honest Kitchen shared an awesome recipe on their blog and I decided to give it a try.

My girls, Roxie (an English Bulldog who is 7 years old) and Lani (an Australian Labradoodle who just turned 6 years old) don’t eat kibble.  Besides feeding them The Honest Kitchen, they also eat fresh fruits, veggies, meat, and yogurt daily.  With them I also believe the less processed the better.  Both of my girls have excellent health.  They are a perfect weight.  They are extremely active.  And their coats are always so soft.  My husband and I try to feed them the best foods that we can.  They are my daughters and I would do anything for them.

So, when I saw this recipe the other day I had to try it.  I knew my girls would love it.  It contains yogurt and fresh berries!  Two of my girls’ favorite things.  The recipe also includes The Honest Kitchen’s Beef Bone Broth.  I had never used the Beef Bone Broth before, but I was excited to try it.

“Our tasty instant Beef Bone Broth with turmeric can be mixed with warm water to make a nourishing, and irresistibly mouth-watering drink, that’s got a few health-promoting properties, too.

Great for both dogs and cats, it can be served as a satisfying drink between meals, poured on kibble for a little extra moisture or used to hydrate an Honest Kitchen meal, our bone broth is incredibly versatile. You might find it tempts a picky pet, or perks up one who’s been a bit down in the appetite department, too.”


The Beef Bone Broth contains only five ingredients: Beef broth, beef, parsley, pumpkin, and turmeric extract.  All real.  Nothing fake.

Since we are part of The Honest Kitchen’s Concierge Club we earn loyalty points to spend on free products.  You can turn these points in for treats, supplements, and boxes of food in all sizes.  It’s absolutely wonderful!  I used some of my girl’s points to get the Beef Bone Broth.  It only cost me $1.00 in shipping after points were deducted.

The Beef Bone Broth came on Saturday, and yesterday I picked up some berries and was ready to try making my girls the Bone Broth and Berry Pup Pops.  No joke, as I was making this recipe, my girls were sitting behind me watching what I was doing every step of the way.  Of course, I gave them some blueberries and strawberries while they sat and watched me.

The recipe was so easy to make, and seeing as this recipe calls for yogurt I was able to incorporate my own Raw Bulgarian Yogurt that my husband and I make, and our girls love.  So, that boosted the overall goodness of this recipe as our yogurt is pure, all-natural, and homemade.

Bone Broth and Berry Pup Pops

The original recipe can be found here.


  • 8 oz of plain yogurt
  • 1 tbsp Honest Kitchen Beef Bone Broth
  • 1 cup water
  • Handful of fresh berries


Step One: Mix 8 oz plain yogurt with 1 tbsp of Honest Kitchen’s Bone Broth and stir until completely blended.20148924_10100930672077839_1316266863_o

Step Two: Slowly mix in 1 cup of water and stir until it’s combined20148730_10100930672656679_320299483_o

Step Three: Pour mix into ice cube trays, until they’re 3/4 full.20196484_10100930673135719_1826007168_o

Step Four: Add 3-5 berries to each cube.  I used strawberries and blueberries.  I cut the strawberries into bite size pieces.20182240_10100930673814359_68097021_o

Step Five: Freeze until solid.20148984_10100930674198589_1238837676_o

And that’s it!  Just a few simple steps to make a healthy, yummy treat for your babies!  The recipe made 36 Pup Pops.  And after all was said and done, how did my girls enjoy their yummy frozen treat?  Take a look for yourself!

They couldn’t get enough of them!  In fact, Roxie tried to steal Lani’s!  Lani was eating hers nice and slowly and savoring it.  Roxie gulped her down and when she saw Lani still happily munching away on hers, she tried to steal Lani’s Pup Pop!  When Lani realized what Rox was trying to do, she quickly finished up her yummy treat.

Healthy, delicious, pure, all-natural… what else could I ask for?  A super simple recipe, and my girls absolutely love it.  Makes me a happy mommy.

Want To Try The Honest Kitchen For Yourself?

Read More About The Honest Kitchen:

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