What I Learned When I Threw Out My Microwave Oven

I used to be addicted to my microwave.  Besides using the grill and stove-top to cook meat, microwaving was my main cooking tool.  If it could be microwaved I was a happy camper.  I seriously couldn’t live without it!  TV Dinners, soup, chocolate, pasta… you name it, I cooked it in the microwave.

But now, life is different.  We make everything from scratch.  No more processed, boxed, flash-frozen meals.  No more fake food masquerading as real food.  And that’s been a huge part of my journey, learning about nutrition, learning how to eat correctly, and staying on track.  And a microwave didn’t fit into my new way of life.


When my husband and I first started discussing throwing out our microwave, it left me wondering if I could actually do it.  After all I was the self-proclaimed Microwave Queen.  But, part of my journey was about doing away with convenience.  Microwaves were convenient.  It would help me to make poor choices.  I could easily grab anything boxed or processed and zap it in the microwave and have a meal in 3 minutes.  But, what type of meal?  Was it nutritious?  Was it a healthy decision?  Was it going to help me stay on track?  The answers to these questions were no.  For our Unique journey, my husband and I decided a microwave wasn’t worth it, and we sold the piece of cooking equipment that I was addicted to for the longest time.


Instead, I had to start making Mindful healthy Decisions.  I had to actually start looking at food, appreciating where my food came from (and it wasn’t from a box in a grocery store).  As I worked with my health coach and started learning about how to eat (we literally had to go back to the basics because I had deprived myself for so long and didn’t really know the first thing about eating correctly), I started appreciating my food and learning how it helped to nourish my body.  I started seeing food not as a bad thing, but as a good thing.  I started embracing food.  I wanted to know as much as I could.  I went from restricting myself and having a very poor relationship with food, to actually enjoying food and experiencing what it was like to eat correctly.  I started to make healthy Decisions.

It was hard to get rid of the microwave, but it was the best decision we could have made.  It literally forced me to look at food differently.  Today we have a counter-top convection oven where we do most of our cooking.  Sure, I could still buy processed foods to heat in the oven, but I’ve learned just how good real whole foods are for me.  Food tastes better when it’s real.  My meals don’t take 3 minutes to make anymore, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.  I know where my food comes from.  I know that I’m eating correctly and staying on track.  I am making healthy Decisions which in turn makes my life better.


I suffered from an eating disorder for 15 years.  I didn’t know the first thing about eating correctly.  I only knew how to make poor, unhealthy decisions as far as food was concerned.  I believed the lies my brain told me, such as food was bad.  When I would eat, I’d make poor decisions that were fast; that didn’t require me to think.  A microwave was a crutch for me.  It was just one more tool helping me to make poor decisions.

Now, I’m not saying microwaves are bad.  If they work for you, then that’s wonderful!  But for me, on my journey, it was an important tool to get rid of.

Reevaluate what you use everyday.  Reevaluate how you view things.  You might be surprised by how making one small change can make a huge difference!


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