Fun Times @ Sweet Tymes

Last night was so much fun!  My husband and I took our two cousins, ages 12 and 9, out for ice cream.  But, we didn’t just go to any ‘ol ice cream shop.  No, we went to Sweet Tymes in Goshen, NY.

Sweet Tymes only opened a year ago, so it’s fairly new to the ice cream scene in the Hudson Valley area, but it’s such a treat to go there.  It’s a cute, quaint candy / ice cream store with an old-fashioned vibe and lots of character.  You notice it’s character immediately from the outside, and the character continues on the inside as well.  Watch your head when you go inside because the ceilings are low.

Tucked away in this quaint little shop on Goshen’s Main Street is an out-of-this-world ice cream experience.  Why?  Not only does Sweet Tymes go above and beyond expectation by making their own homemade hot fudge and whipped cream, but they also exclusively serve what I think is one of the best ice creams in the area, Jane’s Ice Cream made in nearby Kingston, NY.


Jane’s Ice Cream is handmade in the Hudson Valley and is so amazing that it has even been raved about by Bette Midler!

“Known for producing a wide variety of flavors in small batches using fresh Hudson Valley ingredients and hormone-free dairy, Jane’s ice cream is served at 107 locations in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and western Massachusetts.

From its most popular flavor, Cappuccino Kahlua Calypso, to its new Currants and Cream (featuring Hudson Valley currants), Jane’s has even drawn celebrity attention: Actress/singer Bette Midler tweeted “Best so far!” after tasting Jane’s Killer Chocolate. Founders Jane Keller, Amy Keller and Bob Giudubaldi have a simple formula for success. “We’re successful because we are passionate about ingredients,” Amy stresses. “I make flavors with ingredients I love.””

I absolutely LOVE that Jane’s Ice Cream only uses local Hudson Valley ingredients including hormone-free milk.  Their quality and commitment to producing the best ice-cream is unsurpassed.

“Jane’s uses the best hormone-free milk from New York State cows and only the finest natural and local ingredients to flavor their ice creams. With no artificial flavors or colors and only plant-based stabilizers, you can rest assured that Jane’s tasty treats live up to your quality standards.

All flavors except for those with cookies or cookie dough are gluten-free, and all of their sorbets are completely dairy-free and made with real whole fruit. Worried about nuts?  Jane’s produces all of their nut flavors at the end of the day, after which everything is broken down and sanitized for the next day’s runs.”

I love that I can safely eat their ice cream without having to worry about gluten or nuts.

My favorite flavor when I go to Sweet Tymes is Killer Chocolate.  I can’t even describe how amazing it tastes!  And with the homemade hot fudge and whipped cream… ohmygoodness!!!

Last night, though I decided to try something different.  I ordered the Nutty Elvis Milkshake.  The Nutty Elvis is made with your choice of ice cream, fresh banana, peanut butter, nutella, chocolate syrup and topped off with homemade whipped cream.  Of course, I ordered it without the nutella because of my tree nut allergy.  I opted to have my milkshake made with Killer Chocolate and it was AMAZING!!!  I think this is about to become my new favorite!  It was such a great balance of chocolate, peanut butter, and banana.

Sweet Tymes offers everything from ice cream and candy to homemade fudge (which is also delicious!).  You can sample anything in the shop, from ice cream to fudge.  Sweet Tymes offers some really unique flavors of fudge and last night my husband sampled the new Jelly Donut Fudge which he said tasted exactly like a jelly donut!


If you’re looking for an ice cream parlor with a nostalgic feel, stop by Sweet Tymes in Goshen.  On a summer night, sit out on their balcony overlooking Main Street and enjoy some amazing ice cream, a shake, float, fudge or candy.  It’s an ice cream parlor unlike any other in the area.

Visit Sweet Tymes:

More Information On Jane’s Ice Cream:

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