Bee Healthy!

Yesterday was Family Fun Day.  One of the many things we did yesterday was we stopped at the Warwick Valley Farmer’s Market in Warwick, NY.  Warwick is a beautiful town in Orange County known for its sprawling farmland and famous annual AppleFest.

970859_10151644862780196_1575545172_nWarwick has a really awesome Farmers’ Market.  Every Sunday from May to November between the hours of 9am to 2pm, rain or shine, the Warwick Farmers’ Market is held in the South Street Parking Lot.  There are tons of different vendors, and you can easily do your food shopping for the week there.  From fish to flowers and everything in between, the Warwick Farmers’ Market is sure to have something for everyone… including live music.

Yesterday, while walking around the Farmers’ Market we stopped at Hummingbird Ranch’s tent.  Hummingbird Ranch sells amazing raw honey from right here in the Hudson Valley.  I’ve bought honey from them in the past, and my husband and I were in need of more.  Most times we try to buy raw honey because of the health benefits.  It’s completely different from conventional honey that you can buy in the store, and although you can buy raw honey from specialty stores, we love buying it straight from the beekeeper.


“Honey comes in several shapes and forms. For centuries honey has been used as a sweetener and medicine. Some people get honey directly from beekeepers, while some get it from the store. But, not all honey is created equal. Getting honey from beekeepers means that you can get information on what exactly is in that honey. When you are grocery shopping, you may not realize that you may be losing out by buying fake honey. A lot of times honey you can buy at the store is heavily processed in the process of pasteurization. The pasteurization destroys many vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes in the honey which decreases honey’s nutritional value. Some people also believe that the raw honey and regular honey are the same, but we will see that it is not true. Before we tackle the difference between the two, we must define what is raw honey.

Raw honey is the most original sweet liquid that honeybees produce from the concentrated nectar of flowers. Real raw honey comes straight from the beehive and is a potent superfood sweetener gathered by one of the most profound creatures on planet earth, the honeybee. It is totally unheated, unpasteurized, unprocessed honey.

Bee pollen is considered to be one of nature’s best and most nourishing foods. It’s packed with protein that is combined with amino acids, that can be easily used by your body. Bee pollen is used to improve unbalanced nutrition, vitality, longevity, energy. But also, it is used for weight control, health, beauty, allergies, anti-aging and more. All of these qualities are lost with the removal of bee pollen. Regular honey does not contain bee pollen.”

Raw honey is thick.  It is a different color than conventional honey.  It’s not clear.  It has a different texture too.  I guess like my husband and I prefer raw milk because of the health benefits, we prefer raw honey also.

I honestly believe that the less processed something is, the healthier it is for you.  I feel like now-a-days too much of our food is processed.  It’s so important to go back to the old ways, before everything came in a box, can, or went through a factory.  It’s about connecting to our past; connecting to something bigger than ourselves.  It’s about supporting our local farms and knowing where our food comes from.

Usually we buy Raw Clover Honey, but yesterday we decided to buy Raw Wildflower Honey.  Actually, I’ve been wanting to try this honey for a long time.  They say Raw Wildflower Honey collected locally can help with allergies and I’m very anxious to see if it actually works.


Although my allergies are better because of my lifestyle changes, I still struggle when the pollen count is high.  It makes me sneezy, itchy… it’s annoying.

“Wildflower honey has a robust taste due to the fact that it is a collection of all the different nectar and pollens in the area.  Because the pollens in the honey are the same that are airborne in the area, it is the honey that helps with pollen allergies. Each time you consume the pollen, your body produces antibodies that helps you tolerate it.  Much the same way that an allergy shot does.”

This morning I took a tablespoon of Raw Wildflower Honey.  The pollen count is high today and I woke up with an itchy throat.  I took some Raw Wildflower Honey, and then went to the gym.  While I was working out, I realized that my throat was no longer itchy and it hasn’t been the rest of the day so far!  I think that’s pretty cool, but I will definitely be testing this out over the next couple of weeks.  I plan on every morning taking a tablespoon full of Raw Wildflower Honey and seeing if I notice a difference with my allergies.

It’s fun to experiment.  It’s fun to discover new things.  If Raw Wildflower Honey does actually help my allergies, then I’ll be eating it for life!  Anything is better than sneezing and being itchy!

“A 2013 study found that eating honey at a high dose (one gram per kilogram of body weight of honey daily) can improve allergy symptoms over a period of eight weeks. Researchers absorbed that the honey consumption improved overall and individual symptoms of allergic rhinitis.  Allergic rhinitis is an allergic response that causes itchy, watery eyes, sneezing and other similar symptoms.

Some people say that a daily tablespoon of honey can actually act like an allergy shot. The type of honey is key though since pasteurized honey does not contain any pollen. For possible seasonal allergy relief, you need to consume raw honey with pollen in it.”

Hey, even if the Raw Wildflower Honey doesn’t help my allergies, I’m still getting a nutritious treat full of amazing vitamins and minerals that will help my body function at its optimal best.

Want To Know More About Hummingbird Ranch & The Warwick Farmers’ Market?

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