Why I Make My Own Soap


The M.U.D. lifestyle has literally been an amazing eye-opening experience.  There’s always something new my husband or I am learning.  There’s always new research coming out.  There’s always new books.  Living the M.U.D. lifestyle is all about constantly learning and building upon what you already know.  It’s living the best life you can.

Quite a few years back, my husband and I watched a documentary on Netflix about what is in our normal everyday products, like shampoos, soaps, etc…  It was an eye-opener, but we still weren’t living the M.U.D. lifestyle back then.  We started experimenting with making our own household products, but it never went much further than the experimentation phase.

Flash forward a few years, my husband started hunting.  Our M.U.D. lifestyle is about living off the land, and although hunting isn’t for everyone it’s a big part of our lifestyle.  It provides us with fresh meat for the entire year.  I’ve always had sensitive skin and an overactive immune system.  So, what does this have to do with starting to make our own soap?  Everything.

Hunters use what is known as cover scent to literally cover their scent when they are out in the field.  Cover scent products come in sprays, laundry detergents, soaps, shampoos.  They are easy to find and there are many brands of them.  Before we were living M.U.D. my husband bought a cover scent soap and shampoo.  We didn’t read labels back then.  We didn’t think about chemicals and how they could be harmful.

So, one morning before heading out to hunt my husband took a shower and used his new cover scent soap and shampoo.  I woke up after he had gotten out of his shower.  While sitting with him on the couch I started feeling like my skin was on fire.  I can’t explain it any other way.  My skin got super red, I was itchy all over and it was the most uncomfortable feeling.  I couldn’t figure out what was going on, but I’m used to my body freaking out.  So, I got dressed and went to work.

All day at work I was fine.  The itching subsided.  I felt a million times better.  Well, flash forward 8 hours and I returned home from work.  My husband and I were eating dinner together and watching tv, and the itching, redness and the feeling of my skin being on fire came back!  I couldn’t figure out what was going on.

So, I do what I always do in these situations.  I started reviewing everything that could either be different in my surroundings or reviewing everything I ate that day.  Nothing in my routine was different.  And that’s when my husband looked at me and said, “I used my new cover scent soap and shampoo.”  I told him to go immediately back in the shower and use regular soap and shampoo, then come out.  My husband reshowered, and sat next to me for awhile on the couch and I was fine!  The itching and pain I was experiencing disappeared.  It was the new cover scent soap and shampoo!  We immediately grabbed the bottle and looked at it and were surprised by the long list of chemicals it contained.

The funny thing was the bottle of cover scent soap/shampoo said it was all-natural.  That couldn’t have been further from the truth.  As we started researching, we realized it was literally just chemical upon chemical upon chemical.  My husband and I looked at each other and said there had to be a better answer.  And that’s when we really started researching making our own soap and started taking soap making seriously.

Making A Batch Of Unscented Tallow Soap

Today, we make all our own soap, shampoos, cleaning products, laundry detergent.  It has made a world of difference!  Not only for our health since we are limiting the amount of artificial chemicals we are around, but my eczema is no longer being triggered by our household products.  If I’m having an eczema flareup, my husband and I research ingredients that could help, and then we make a soap to help me.  We now make our own cover scent products which my husband uses during hunting season.  We have made special products for friends and family who are having skin issues and looking for an all-natural solution.

We make soap using the hot-process, and I will cover this more in future posts.  We are like made scientists in the kitchen.  Together my husband and I are constantly experimenting and learning.  In fact, once we started taking soap making seriously I took an online class all about soap making and natural body care.  It was very eye opening and taught me and my husband a lot.


A lot of soap makers use artificial fragrances to make their soaps smell good.  My husband and I decided at the beginning that we would rather have function over scent.  We decided to make soaps the most natural way we can.  All of our soaps contain lye, oils, butters, plants we foraged, oils we make ourselves, and essential oils.  Most of our soaps use tallow which we render ourselves, unless we are making a vegan soap for someone.  Our soaps don’t have an overpowering scent, but they have a scent that you can smell as you use it, and that scent, because it is provided by pure essential oils, provides you with even more benefits.  We don’t believe in using artificial coloring for our soap.  Like I said, we keep it as all-natural and organic a process as possible.

We save a lot of money.  We’re not constantly buying detergent, soap, or shampoos.  Anything we need, we make.  The bulk ingredients cost a lot less in the long run and provide us with tons and tons of soap.  I haven’t used conventional shampoo in over two years!  And my hair is extremely healthy, strong and soft.  I don’t even need to use conditioner anymore and I used to rely on that stuff so heavily!  If I need a little extra conditioning I massage some coconut oil in my hair (a little goes a long way), I make my hair mask, or I use my homemade detangling spray.


People might think living all-natural, and making your own products limits you.  But, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  It opens up a million doors!  The possibilities of what you can do are endless!  You literally never stop learning and life becomes one big experiment!

If you are interested in soap making, or want to try some all-natural soap or shampoo drop me a line.  I am passionate about living all-natural, living the best life I can, and sharing what I have learned.  It’s the M.U.D. way!

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