Family Fun & Sun


Today has been an AMAZING day.  I love days like today when both my husband and I are off, there are no plans, we have no place to be, we can just take the day as it comes and live in the now.  And I think choosing to live in the now is one of the most important Mindful Unique Decisions you can make.  There’s no worries.  There’s no rush.  There’s just endless time that stretches out in front of you where you can just be.

Our gym was open this morning, so we started off the day planning on going to the gym.  Apparently, everyone else had the same idea because when we got to the gym it was packed.  So, we ended up just going for a little ride and coming home.  We had breakfast and then decided to take the girls to the local dog park.

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Roxie (our English Bulldog) and Lani (our Australian Labradoodle) are always so funny when we take them to the local dog park.  For one, at the dog park Rox starts thinking she’s a billy goat and loves to climb up on the picnic table… and then jump off of it!  Lan loves to just run and run and run.  She’s a constant ball of energy.  It’s been awhile since we took the girls there, but seeing how much fun they had, we definitely have to start taking them there more often.

The afternoon was spent swimming and hanging out with family.  Telling stories, laughing, just hanging out and having fun.  I couldn’t ask for anything better.  Very impromptu.  Very chill.

And now we are home getting ready to have dinner.  And after dinner?  S’MORES!  We picked up some gluten-free graham crackers yesterday.  I can’t wait!  Nothing screams summer like s’mores!

I couldn’t ask for a better day.  It was a day full of family fun and sun.  I live for days like today when you feel so free, when there’s no plans and literally anything can happen.  Living in the moment.  It’s so M.U.D.  I hope you all had a great holiday too!

Happy Independence Day!

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