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After the gym this morning, my husband and I were bumming around.  We had some errands to run and ended up in the New Windsor, NY area.  It was still early in the morning and we hadn’t yet eaten breakfast, so I looked at my husband and said, “Let’s stop at Nature’s Pantry and buy Mad Batters for breakfast.”  And that’s exactly what we did.

Mad Batters Pastries is an AMAZING gluten-free bakery located not too far away in Milton, NY.  My husband and I are such big fans of Mad Batters that we’ve pretty much memorized which stores sell their products.  If we happen to be bumming around and find ourselves close by to one of those stores, you can bet we are definitely making a stop.

12141641_10153608626106772_3950786626778605777_n.jpgEvery year my husband and I go apple picking.  Two years ago we started going to a new apple orchard.  After picking apples, we were walking around the orchard’s little farm market and found a gluten-free apple pastry that was baked at a local bakery.  Of course I got excited.  Doesn’t take much to make me happy.  So we bought it, I ate it, and ohmygoodness was it amazing!  And that started our obsession with Mad Batters Pastries.

It’s hard to find good gluten-free baked goods, especially ones not made with almond flour (since I’m allergic to tree nuts).  It’s also hard to find good gluten-free baked goods that taste as good, if not better, than their regular gluten-filled counterparts.  Mad Batters not only doesn’t bake with almond flour, their products also taste so delicious that unless you told they were gluten-free you would never know.


Mad Batters does custom orders too, so last July I contacted them to see if they could make me a cookie/brownie platter to bring to our family’s annual 4th of July Party.  They were able to make me an amazing custom order, and you know what?  No one in our family knew they were eating gluten-free baked goods!  At the end of the evening there were only a few cookies left and no brownies.  I’d say they were a hit!

My husband and I have tried their apple donuts, apple pastries, brownies, cupcakes, cookies… you name it, we’ve probably tried it.  Everything is fresh, moist and most of all delicious.  All of their items are baked in a dedicated gluten-free facility.  Today, my husband and I bought Mad Batters Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes.  Check out the ingredient list:


Nothing that can’t be pronounced.  The Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes were delicious!  It’s not often that my husband and I have a “dessert” for breakfast, but sometimes it’s fun especially if we are out and about and happen to be near a place that sells Mad Batters products.

If you happen to be in or around the Ulster County / Orange County, NY area, definitely try Mad Batters Pastries.  They are sold in many local stores as well as at Farmer’s Markets.  After trying just one of their products, you are sure to become a fan!

Local Places Where You Can Find Mad Batters Pastries:

  • Adams Fairacre Farms (Newburgh)
  • Nature’s Pantry (New Windsor)
  • Wiklow Orchards (Lloyd)
  • Hurds Family Farm (Modena)
  • Wallkill Valley Farm (New Paltz)

And many many more places!  Check out their Facebook page as they are always updating the list of where they can be found.

Contact Mad Batters Pastries:

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