Strawberry Picking @ Lawrence Farms Orchard

19204754_10100892236532979_1480946326_oHow many of us actually know where our food comes from???  As a society we have a problem.  Our society has gotten so used to just going to the grocery store and knowing that whatever you want is right there.  If it’s not fresh it comes in a pretty package that is meant to catch your attention.  And as a whole we buy into this and consider it normal.  But, it’s not normal.  It’s time to get back to the basics!

One of my favorite things to do in the Spring and Summer is go to our local farms.  I’m lucky because of where I live.  I live in Orange County, NY and we have farms everywhere.  A quick drive can take me to any number of farms where I can pick up local produce that is grown right here in my backyard.  The Black Dirt Region of Orange County is known for it’s red onions and the incredible fertile soil that can be found there.  Trust me, in the summer time if you drive down the roads of The Black Dirt Region you will be overpowered by the wonderful smells of freshly growing onions.  It smells wonderful!

A favorite farm of my husband’s and mine is Lawrence Farms Orchards in Newburgh, 19204779_10100892236323399_1836751336_oNY.  If you told me there was a farm in Newburgh I would have laughed because Newburgh is known for being a city.  But tucked away from all the hubbub of city life is sprawling countryside and acres of farmland and that is where you will find Lawrence Farms.  We started going here a few years ago, and every year we love it more and more.  In early summer you can pick strawberries and spinach.  Later in the season there are cherries, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, broccoli, peaches, grapes, peas, corn… the list goes on, all of which you can pick yourself fresh from the field!  There’s nothing like getting back to the basics and back to the land and not only seeing where your food comes from, but experiencing it as well.

In the summer you can find my husband and I at Lawrence Farms almost weekly.  It’s where we get all our fresh produce for the week.  Every week brings new and different fruits and vegetables and it’s always fun to see everything growing and of course getting to pick whatever you want.  The grapes at Lawrence Farms are to die for, but I will cover that more in a future post when it’s grape season.

Part of the M.U.D. Lifestyle is taking back what has been taken from us as a society.  We have been raised in a culture to think that milk comes from a carton, cheese comes nicely wrapped in a package, vegetables are beautifully arranged in a produce section, but we forget that all this has to start somewhere and that somewhere is a farm.  And I’m not talking about mass production farms I’m talking about our own backyard, family-owned farms that help contribute to our community.  It’s so important to see and experience and realize where our food comes from and support our local farms whether that’s visiting a local farm itself or buying it’s products at a local farmer’s market.  There is nothing better than just getting out there and exploring.  And rediscovering!

19197414_10100892236493059_354312667_oNot only that, but your food is fresher too.  It didn’t have to travel hundreds of miles, in a truck to reach you.  Nope, I can sit down and eat my bowl of strawberries tonight and say, “I know the exact field this strawberry came from.  I picked it off the plant myself.”  How cool is that?

If you live in the area, definitely check out Lawrence Farms.  They are a family owned farm who currently has three generations working there.  Go see the animals, go see the orchards, go have fun and get out there and explore and get back to the basics!  And, if you don’t live in the area go online and find your local farm.  There’s a great website called  All you have to do is enter where you live and you will be given a list of local farms in your area.  You might be surprised.  Some might be closer than you think!

Where: Lawrence Farms Orchards, Newburgh, NY


What’s Available For Picking Now:


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