Hazelaid: Hazelwood Healing Jewelry For Eczema Product Review

Hazelwood Sodalite Necklace http://www.hazelaid.com

Eczema… it’s itchy, it’s annoying, it hurts, it’s unsightly and it’s hard to get rid of.  I have struggled with eczema since I was a newborn.  Luckily, as I have gotten older my symptoms have gradually become less, although I am still prone to random flare ups that impact my everyday life.  I’ve tried every cream, lotion and potion you could possibly think of… and then I tried Hazelaid!

First, some quick background information on me.  I’ve had eczema since I was a newborn.  As a child, my skin was very bad.  I had eczema on my legs, arms, hands, feet, scalp… ALL. AT. ONE. TIME!!!!  It was bad.  I used to go to doctor to doctor and used cortisone creams and anything else that was out there to try to control my symptoms.  Honestly, nothing really worked for long and although I luckily started to outgrow the worst of my symptoms by the time I was an adult, when I would experience flare ups they would be severe.  To the point where I couldn’t used my hands and would be crying in pain and frustration.  Even my dermatologist had no idea what to use anymore as we basically exhausted all options.

19181747_10100891090734169_90501374_o2 1/2 years ago I embraced an all-natural lifestyle and it really has made a HUGE difference.  Cutting out chemicals, processed foods, gluten from my daily life has literally been a lifesaver and makes dealing with my eczema a lot easier.  But, as I have gotten older I seem to have developed another type of eczema called Nummular Dermatitis or Discoid Eczema.  This appeared a few years ago, and I wouldn’t mind so much if it weren’t for the fact that I am covered in red spots!!!

“Nummular eczema (also known as discoid eczema and nummular dermatitis) is a form of eczema that can occur at any age. It looks different than other types of eczema and can be difficult to treat.  

The word “nummular” comes from the Latin word for “coin,” as the spots can look coin-shaped on the skin. The spots may be very itchy or not itchy at all. They can be very dry and scaly or can become wet and open.

The cause of nummular eczema is unknown.”


Unfortunately, after so many years of using cortisone creams and other prescription and non-prescription medications and ointments, my body had literally built up a resistance.  So, what to do???

Somewhere along the way I had heard about hazelwood jewelry being used to help eczema sufferers.  I doubted a piece of jewelry could help me, but embracing the M.U.D. Lifestyle, I decided to do some research.

“Hazelwood appears to help create a more alkaline environment in your body through direct contact with your skin, which may help to prevent and remedy many of the symptoms caused by acidosis (being too acidic) and by reducing free-radicals by having a high antioxidant effect through your pores.”


I had heard the theory that eczema could be helped by creating a more alkaline environment in your body, so after reading some more reviews and liking what I read, I decided what did I have to lose?  I decided to order a hazelwood bracelet from a company called Hazelaid.

My bracelet arrived a few days later, and I still was skeptical.  But, surprisingly after a few days of wearing the bracelet I started to see my symptoms improve!  The thing with hazelwood jewelry is that it has to be directly on your skin 24/7.  You can shower with it, and in fact that is encouraged because it keeps the wood moist.  After seeing some improvement of my spots by using the hazelwood bracelet, I decided to order the necklace.  The necklace is the recommend option because it contains more hazelwood and more hazelwood on your skin means the more benefits your body gets from it.

I ordered a necklace and OHMYGOODNESS!!  Would you believe that my spots started to disappear?!?!?!  I’m not even joking.  I went from having these red, unsightly spots everywhere to maybe only three or four!  I was completely shocked.  Finally, an all-natural solution that worked!!!


Hazelwood jewelry does have to be replaced.  The frequency though will depend on your body.  You will know you have to replace your hazelwood jewelry when two things happen: 1) You notice a return of your symptoms and 2) The hazelwood darkens (see picture at left).  With my body, I seem to wear out my hazelwood jewelry within three months.  Just this past week, I have noticed my spots returning and when I look at my necklace, sure enough the wood has darkened.  I know it’s time to for me to order a new necklace again.

There are lots of companies that offer hazelwood jewelry.  I started with Hazelaid and I really like them.  They ship fast, they have a great selection and their products work.  Not only that, but the hazelwood they use is harvested sustainably and on their website they state: “No sprays or pesticides are used in the care of these plants, they are wild-growing and 100% natural.”  Definitely fits in with the M.U.D. Lifestyle.

Jewelry starts at around $16.95 and there are always sales and other deals that are offered on their website.  They offer necklaces, bracelets, anklets as well as amber jewelry which is supposed to help with teething for children and other ailments.

For me, hazelwood jewelry has been a total lifesaver.  I don’t have to subject my skin to harsh chemicals that can do more harm than good.  I have found a natural solution that actually keeps my symptoms at bay, and even if I have to buy another necklace every three months, I’m ok with that because for three months I am mostly symptom free!  And I’ve NEVER been able to say that before in my entire life.

Another quick thing.  If you suffer from tree nut allergies (which I do), you can still wear hazelwood jewelry because the beads are made from the branches of the tree, and they make sure the branches never come in contact with the nuts.

I do use homemade creams and essential oils to keep my skin moisturized as I do have very dry skin, and I make sure to eat clean to also keep flare-ups from happening, but I will touch more on that in future posts because it’s all part of the M.U.D. Lifestyle.

This product is sold at Hazelaid.com.  This is my own personal review and I have not received any compensation for it.

Product: Hazelaid Hazelwood Necklace and Bracelet

Price: $16.95 and up although there are always sales and deals

Would I Recommend This Product: Yes!!!  Highly!!!

Product Website: http://www.hazelaid.com

Where Can I Read More About Hazelwood: https://hazelaid.com/pages/about-hazelwood

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